Supplier and subcontractor references

I enjoy working with you guys. Thanks again!”

Jason Phillips, Onsite Supervisor

It was a pleasure working with you!”

Ashley Shoults, Arlington Marble

“We just did our first project with YMKER Building. I highly recommend them, they are a great company to work with and Garry, our Superintendent on the job, was great to work with as well. Their office was very quick to respond to any and all of our correspondence.

“Thank You Abigail. Looking forward to our next project.”

Rodger Burney, 3G Concrete, LLC

I really enjoyed working with Derek and Abigail From YMKER Building LLC. They are both awesome; Derek always answered any questions I had and Abigail was great with all the paperwork, invoices etc. Really the experience with you guys was great and if you ever need another job done in my area I would be glad to help.

Thanks for the Business

Manuel Villa, JMV Concrete Inc.

“The Ymker Building guys were great to work with and paid on time. I highly recommend them.”

Rex Davis – Amarillo

You were exemplary. Easy to work with. Very organized and handled any issues that arose professionally.”

Terry Byers, Terry Byers Construction

Thank you for making this entire process pain free.  It’s been a pleasure working with you.
Thank you!

Tammy Kush, Kush Brothers, Inc, (Landscaper)

The building looks very good and the quality of work is very good!

Christopher J. Brayak, AIA, RID, LEED GA Building Inspector

If you all have any jobs available, let us know; we would be more than happy to work with YMKER Building again!

Sergio Villicana, SVS Construction (Framing Contractor)

I have worked with YMKER Building for a couple of years and they are so easy to work with. I have been working closely with Abigail Ymker and she is just amazing to work with and so willing to help me with anything I ask for. They are definitely a great company to do work with and I highly recommend them.

Debbie Tracy, Accounts Receivable, Belknap Plumbing Systems, Inc.

I recently completed a job with YMKER Building, I am a subcontractor and did the painting, flooring, and acoustical ceilings on a vision center.  The people at YMKER Building were very professional and easy to work with.  There was no problem getting paid.  I would work with YMKER again anytime!

Gary Dickson, Dickson Paint & Flooring

Jon, for your information…  I think the building turned out better than I expected.  I am not sure how to express how impressed I am with the overall quality and detail.  It is certainly the new benchmark for medical office buildings in the Monroe/ West Monroe area. It definitely looks upscale and high-end and I believe that Jody will have no trouble matching his patient care to the new feel of the building.  Good work!

Douglas R. Dupont, Vice President – Commercial Lender, First National Bank

I would like to express how rewarding and comfortable it was working with YMKER Building.  We were blessed to work with Miss Abigail and Mr. Derek on Dr. McBride’s project in Tullahoma, TN.  Our process went very smoothly and was completed on time. YMKER Building supplied all materials needed promptly and paid upon receipt of bill statement. We hope to work with YMKER Building in the future.

Raymond Augustus, K&R Construction & Repairs (Roofing Contractor)

“We had to team up to do some custom design of door openings and you were up to the task. Good working with you on that Rhode Island project.”

Colum Clarke, Wholesale Door

“Thank you very much. We were proud to be a part of your project

Seibers Drywall

“It was easy working with you. I deal with a lot vendors and you helped ensure this was smooth installation.”

Tony Lima, Harbor Light Information Technologies

A & R Glass Company, Inc. worked with YMKER Building, LLC on a project in Tullahoma, TN.  They paid the invoices quickly.  A & R will be happy to work with YMKER on any projects that might come our way in the future.

Marilyn Narkates, A & R Glass Company, Inc.

We enjoy working with YMKER Building, LLC on many of their projects.  They’ve always paid their bills on time and we have a wonderful relationship with them.  We’ve been fortunate to be a supplier for YMKER on several different projects and we look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

Teresa Wagner, President, Woodwork Mfg. & Supply, Inc.


As a subcontractor, I can generally be a slight bit apprehensive when an out of town and out of state contractor comes knocking on my door. Not so with YMKER Building!  It was definitely a pleasure to work with such professional people that hold the same values as we do. Your honesty and integrity are second to none. The job ran smooth, payments were on time and most importantly the end user, our customer, was delivered a building that we can all be proud of!

Edward Bremer, Klopf, Inc (HVAC Contractor)

YMKER is hands down one of the best GC’s subs would hope to work for. The company is rock solid financially and process all of their payments with lightning speed using easy to use pay application. I honestly wouldn’t ask for more. Jon and his staff are extremely easy to work and I think the integrity, passion and work ethic are something that truly set YMKER apart from the others. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Jason, Indigenous DirtWirx (Excavating Contractor)


“Good working with your team. I hope we can do more business with you.

Even Kerte, National Lumber

I could not find any better people to work with as Abigail and Garry. Really appreciate you both!”

Robert Hollabaugh Plumber

Ground Texas Construction would like to take the opportunity to congratulate and thank the executive team of YMKER Building, LLC for the professionalism at the execution of the True Vine Building; they are the best experience that we’ve had in the construction industry. We appreciate how you kept the flow of work progressing. Whenever we had a question we could depend on your team on returning our call promptly. We also want to thank you for the wonderful experience we had in the schedule funding, with no delays or problems releasing the funds on time.

Neftali Arroyo, Director, Ground Texas Construction (Masonry, Stucco, Steel, Framing, Concrete, Drywall, Exterior Trim Contractor)

We would like to thank you for the opportunity you gave us to work with you once again on the Brock DDS and McKaskle DDS offices.  It has been a pleasure.  It is always so nice to work with professionals who are very knowledgeable of the project.  Our payment attention was very prompt which was greatly appreciated.  You made our job run smooth and on time.  We look forward to working with you on the next project.

Just wanted to say thank you.  It was a very pleasant experience.

Jerry Evans, President, Tile Setters of Texas, Inc.

I have worked with Jon Ymker and Ymker Building LLC since 1988 on several projects in our service area. Our relationship with him has always been great! They are excellent people to work with and we look forward to working with them again.

Denny Wildfong, Standale Lumber

At first I was skeptical working with an out of state contractor, but the job went very well and payment was prompt. Will work for Ymker Building anywhere in New England.

Ed Arndt – Carpenter




Project went smoothly. Pleasant experience working with y’all.

Israel Castillo, Pyramid Masonry

You guys were easy to work with and paid on time.

Joe Izzo, Izzo Electric

You guys run a clean project. Invoicing and payment was easy. Thanks!

JB Arnold Company, Excavator


We have had over a 20 year working relationship with YMKER.  We have completed several projects together. They have been a good General Contractor that we enjoy working with.  They look at things with both the owner and contractor in mind (and) it’s been a great overall experience working with them, from project management to the office staff.

Amy DeWeerd, Gale Plumbing & Hydronics, Inc.

In fall 2016, we were awarded a subcontract for the site excavation and utilities for a new vision center office in Tullahoma, TN.  The next several months, we encountered bad weather, unsuitable site conditions, and several design changes.  During our contract with YMKER Building, we received our work schedule payments in a timely manner and we also negotiated fair cost adjustments for work not included in the original contract.  Ms. Abigail Ymker and Mr. Derek Ymker were professional and a pleasure to work with.  Having 30 plus years in the excavation business, I would put YMKER Building at the top of my list. – Thanks again!

Larry Prince, Larry Prince Excavation

I have worked with Jon Ymker and Ymker Building LLC since 1988 on several projects in our service area.  Our relationship with him has always been great!  They are excellent people to work with and we look forward to working with them again.

Denny Wildfong, Standale Lumber

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