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As the capstone to Ymker Development services, Ymker Building provides integrated project management and construction services. Each healthcare building project is value managed using the Team Approach to further cost savings and achieve quality standards.

Since 1988, Ymker Building LLC has successfully met construction goals and overcome inevitable challenges which arise during dental, optometric, and medical office construction.  Our abilities are applied over a number of project segments where we hold specialist understanding and capability.  

As a sole-source provider, we help you to realize significant savings, avoid costly changes in the building phase, and clarify accountability.


Building Services include:

• Experienced Value Engineering

• Construction Management, Construction Administration, and General Contracting

• Advisory Services

• Networking, interviewing and selecting quality craftsman and tradesmen for the Team

• Procurement management of quality materials

• Scheduling, coordinating and sequencing the Team

• Quality Monitoring and Management

• Job cost tracking and segregation studies


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