Construction Management


“He shepherded our office construction. He made an involved and occupying project go very smooth.

Joey deGraffenried DDS

“The best possible subcontractors at the best possible prices.

Mark Kuriata DO and wife Shelley Kuriata

“I have only positive recollections of the construction of my new office.”

David J. Scholten OD, PC


Team Collaboration


A team of people with the highest professionalism and integrity.

Kevin Anselme CFP Country Financial

A team of professionals

Kelly Vannette, Owner of KIDS FIRST Learning Place

“His skills and network of resources can completely assist in implementing any project.”

Michael L. DeWeerd DDS


“Complete package from pre-construction guidance, through architecture, into legal, bank financing, tenant negotiations and finally the construction. I now know that I could have not completed the job without you. You guys are great professionals in a field where that is pretty rare!!

Peter Domagala DDS


“Your ability to assemble and lead the Five Star Team that led to these honors was superb.

Neal Smith DDS



“I was very impressed with the communication between Jon’s Ymker Building team and the subcontractors.”

Richard Wallace DDS

“His team communicated daily…always very responsive and got things done right!

Lawrence Schmakel DDS


We always communicated well throughout this project.

Sven Erickson DDS

“Jon is an excellent communicator.

R. J. Tippin DDS

“It is over three years from my initial contact with Jon Ymker, and he is still on board assisting us.

Wm. P. Sorensen DDS




“The quality of your services is a reflection of your character.

Kerry M. Goad DDS

“Grateful for your expertise.

Joel Smith DDS

Total facilitator for the construction.”

Suzanne Ahnquist DMD


We were impressed not only by the integrity and reliability of your subcontractors but also by their loyalty and high regard for you.

Gregg A. Marr DDS


“We were amazed at the expertise that we were seeing within your organization!”

Ken Hansen OD and wife Marcia Hansen

The complete package.

Peter Domagala DDS


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