Built Environment



Many new patients have come because of the pleasing appearance of the facility.

Michael L. DeWeerd DDS


Rollyn Lee DDS and wife Carrie Lee

A beautiful, efficiently-designed space.

Gregg A. Marr DDS


“This building is like a fine art museum, which is exactly what I wanted it to be like. You can just tell it is well-built. It is a perfect representation of my practice.

Sven Erickson DDS

“He has come through time and again with quality and value for the building. Jon Ymker will give you the needed expertise to instill trust again in the building world.”

Jeffrey Ash DDS


“This new facility keeps me excited about my work, the people I work with, and the patients I have the privilege to serve. I believe this new office will even help me stay healthy and able to practice for a lot longer.

Chip Jesenovec DDS


“Our patients are happy and excited to be part of our practice.  My team is reinvigorated and motivated to produce and achieve new goals.  I feel that my full potential as a dentist and business owner has now been fully realized.

Rick Wallace DDS


“Thanks again for making my building a place that I still enjoy going to on a daily basis.”

Rick Loochtan DDS

“I now have the best looking and most efficient office in the county.

Thor Mikesell DDS

Excellent functional design. It truly is a beautiful and functional space to work in!

Leslie Marr, Dental Assistant & wife of Greg Marr DDS







Every day we get compliments on the building and office.”

Richard J. Wallace DDS

“A high quality reality…many in our town say is the most beautiful building in the area.

Rollyn Lee DDS and wife Carrie Lee

Beautiful! Staff and providers are very happy.

Janet Reed-Hardin, Wayland Director MetroHealth Hospital System


“Everything flows very well. Thanks again for creating such a nice space for me!”

Academy Pediatric Dentistry

“Pharmaceutical reps often say, “We are in and out of a lot of offices and this is by far the prettiest one in the entire area.

Sherry O’Donnell DO, Rappha Medical Center


“I use to dream that I would be in an office that is both beautiful and exciting to enter on a daily basis. That dream did come true, not only for myself and my team members, but more importantly for my patients. The look of WOW in someone’s eyes occurs EVERY TIME an existing patient or new patient enters the warm, welcoming space for their first visit.”

Larry Schmakel DDS


“I joyfully see the patients respond with great confidence in my abilities. A modern, clean, new office in a great location helps patients further realize we care for them. The complete response of our patients has been very positive.

Chip Jesenovec DDS




Patient recognition and appreciation is fantastic for the space. Referring dentist and community comments are WOW!

Wm. P. Sorensen DDS

“Thanks again for making my building a place that I still enjoy going to on a daily basis.

Rick Loochtan DDS



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