Full Testimonials

It’s hard to imagine undertaking this process without the help of Jon. Having him onboard allowed me to do what I should be doing… dentistry. He was an invaluable source of expertise and resource to keep my project on track. I place a high value on my continued relationship with him. I can WHOLE-HEARTEDLY recommend him as part of your team, and the earlier the better.


James Allen DDS



Let me tell you, again, what a blessing it was to work with you on this project. You gave me an opportunity to expand and grow my practice through the visibility the building afforded me. Your ability to communicate, your integrity and skill imparted far more value than the cost involved. I will be forever grateful. Thanks again.


Mark Tournell DDS



Being the first office to win dual awards in a nationally recognized dental design competition, I want to thank you, Jon Ymker, for your role in our accomplishments. Not only was your own design input invaluable, your ability to assemble and lead the Five Star Team that led to these honors was superb. Hiring Ymker Building was the first high impact decision I made, and from there the other decisions launched from an even higher platform. These awards are recognition for a great winning season, and winning the Championship! Jon, you are my Coach and should be to anyone desiring a new dental office.


Bridgman Family Dental



I bought a small practice in a very small town (500 people) and practiced in a two operatory office that was sadly out of date, even by rural standards. I attended a building seminar and even though I was energized by the information presented there I never made the leap into action. That is, until I ran into a friend from dental school who had just recently occupied a new dental building also in a small town. I made arrangements to see his office and was impressed by the results. He highly recommended Jon Ymker who had orchestrated his dental building project, and had structured his ownership with easy terms.

My initial conversations with Jon Ymker were optimistic and energizing but we were limited by the lack of commercial property in my practice area. After one year of searching Jon and I took a long look at the building that I was occupying and decided that a remodel would be a great option.

Jon convinced me and my wife that the end result would be worth the time and effort. I can say unequivocally that he was right. We have a beautiful new office. I now own the building that I was renting and increased from 2 to 5 operatories. In the first two months since we moved in, production has been up 36%, plus I have investment value

from the adjoining suite that I am now leasing out. I now have the best looking and most efficient office in the county. My office manager told me that she had received a phone call from a prospective new patient that wanted to schedule a visit as soon as possible because she had heard that “this was the place to be”.

Jon was an invaluable resource to me all throughout the process. In areas where I felt weak he would step in with a greater presence. He negotiated a deal with the bank that was unbelievable. He bailed me out of some hairy situations where feelings in a small town could have been hurt, and took the blame so that I could remain “clean”.

Jon impressed me with his honest approach and a sincere desire to work in my best interests. He helped overcome difficulties as they arose and exuded confidence throughout it all. I cannot recommend his services highly enough.


Thor Mikesell DDS



I have never worked with a builder that I trust more than Jon Ymker. His commitment to honesty and integrity are unparalleled. He is forthright and builds as he lives – straight as an arrow. He built great value into our buildings, and great friendship into our lives.


Ron Dykstra

Genesis Creative Group



Ymker Building LLC gets my highest recommendation. I was very pleased with the way my concerns regarding construction of my new office were addressed and efficiently handled. I felt I was working with a team of people with the highest professionalism and integrity. The job was completed on time, on budget, and to my complete satisfaction. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone looking for a quality builder.


Kevin Anselme

Country Financial, Ankeny, IA



As we are becoming more comfortable with the new office and I have had time to reflect, I have to tell you how pleased I am with the quality of the construction. I also appreciate your interest in my feedback; it just further confirms the quality of your services and is a reflection of your character. I REALLY appreciate your candor and honest, it is refreshing. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you and Bill so much for making the move as painless as possible. We couldn’t be more please with how it turned out and look forward to enjoying the office for many years to come.


Kerry M. Goad DDS

Dallas, TX



For over 16 years, I have dreamed of a new office that would fulfill my needs. Not only from the esthetic beauty and comfort it would provide, but also the comfort and class that it would provide my patients. My new office, developed and built by Jon Ymker of Ymker Development and Ymker Building, has not only met my expectations, but exceeded them too!

From the first time I met Jon, I felt comfortable knowing that I had a reliable, trusting professional to handle my “dream project”. Every inch of the new dental office was completed with precision and care. His team communicated daily and handled the construction process so I could stay in my office and practice dentistry, not having to worry about contractors, subs, etc. Of course I went to the project over the lunch hour a day or two a week, but it was primarily out of curiosity. Never did I have to shut down or lose production due to construction issues. That in itself was worth it!

I was kept informed of the process via e-mails, and a few phone calls when necessary. And when there were bumps in the road, as it does with every project, it was handled professionally so everyone was happy, especially me! They were always very responsive and got things done right!

I use to dream that I would be in an office that is both beautiful and exciting to enter on a daily basis. That dream did come true. Not only for myself and my team members, but more importantly, for my patients. The look of WOW in someone’s eyes occurs EVERY TIME an existing patient or new patient enters the warm, welcoming space for their first visit. My team members love the classy, efficient and bright atmosphere it has created.

Thank you Jon! Please thank YOUR team for me too!


Lawrence P Schmakel DDS

Toledo, OH



It has been almost three months that we have moved into our new building! Time flies…

This office is absolutely beautiful and we have kicked into another gear. Production is HUGE this month of December…possible new production record yet again!

We wanted to update you on our New Patient flow compared to my previous office. In our previous office, where we had been renting for 26 years, we averaged 2-5 New Patients per month. This low number of New Patients is considered anemic and dangerously low by dental standards. And of those new patients one or two per month came in just for an x-ray and a referral, or were just emergency type patients that never returned. Here’s the tally for the first 10 weeks of occupancy (still without the large new digital sign we ordered, or any other sign for that matter).

New patient average over the last five years: 2 -5/mos.

October 2009: 14 record # and partial month

November 2009: 18 broke the record

December 2009: 30 (so far) broke another record, but still working three more days next week!

Instead of only half of the new patients becoming long term patients in the previous office, in the new office 90% of new patients are becoming long term patients! We added two hygiene days and Doctor worked five hours last Friday for fun, fitting in two large cases. As a developer and facilitator making new dental offices possible for even unlikely doctors, we thought you should know these new statistics.

Jon, we had a top notch dental designer/architect stop by to see and critique the building. He was very complimentary of your high quality, both interior and exterior. He said it very sincerely and in confidence, kind of a quiet awe.

Thanks so much for everything! Great work! We have a lot to be thankful for.


Smile Design and Dental Wellness Center



We develop first thoughts into successful realities”. Ymker Building LLC delivers on what their logo says. Jon Ymker has helped me in the development of several first thoughts that have turned into two successful realities. Not only are both buildings built, but also there is a bright financial future for each. I found that Jon has a unique and

creative method in developing and constructing projects. He has a network of resources to completely assist in implementing any project. We readily established a relationship of mutual respect and trust. This gave me the confidence to consider the information he presented, weigh the choices, and with his guidance make the best decisions. Jon has the ability to understand the numbers and concepts of a deal in a logical and concise manner. His help simplified what would have been very complex processes.

The first project was the development of an oversized parcel of land into a site for our beautiful new dental office and two additional commercial lots. This required negotiating with the land sellers, facilitating rezoning and municipal use variances, and performing infrastructure improvements and site work. Ymker Building LLC is currently developing one lot now for another office user and is fielding serious inquiries for the remaining lot. Jon Ymker acquired the property and built an excellent quality building at a most reasonable cost under a short time line. The new building has received numerous positive comments from patients of record and the many new patients which have come because of the pleasing appearance of the facility.

The second project was a three year effort by Jon for the development and construction of a large corporate investment property occupied by a regional hospital, MetroHealth of Grand Rapids. This project came in well under the initial estimated cost, with a much higher quality of construction than the hospital occupant had anticipated. Jon developed this investment project into a superb value with an excellent return on investment.

I enjoyed working with Jon on these projects and I highly recommend his help to anyone thinking of developing, building, or remodeling dental or medical office space. He does a superior job. The ability of Ymker Building to assist in developing a financial package, which included capital contribution, loan guarantees, and quite creative financing, significantly improved the success of these projects. This has lead to a substantial growth in wealth position for me, all since doing business with Jon. I am thankful for our relationship.

Now to you Jon, Thank you for your help, advice and encouragement on this project. Our relationship has developed into one that I am pleased and grateful for. You have helped guide and challenge my thinking and decision making. Through it all I’m learning much about business and using money better. Yet our relationship has become more than just business and money, it has become one of respect, appreciation, and acceptance. Like the quality of person you are. You are a man of vision, integrity and faith. You have understanding and insight into how to develop ideas into realities.

I am thankful for your friendship and for the help you have given from our first meeting through our present project.


Michael DeWeerd DDS

Wayland, MI



We really do love our new facility. It is beautiful! Staff and providers are very happy. Thanks for all you did for us!


Janet Reed-Hardi

Wayland Director, Metro Health Hospital



As a dentist who has been practicing for over twenty five years I have always dreamed of owning my own building. I have always felt susceptible to landlords and market conditions. But I knew there was no way this would happen without a lot of help. Fortunately I was introduced to Jon Ymker. Jon came highly recommended and now I know why. Jon flew out to Denver and we spent the next few days looking for the perfect location for my new building. His expertise in the negotiation of the purchase of the

land saved me tens of thousands of dollars. Next was the arduous task of design, planning and securing financing for the project. Jon was with me every step of the way. Daily communications, referrals to his vast network of colleagues and advice was invaluable. During the construction process I was very impressed with the communication between Jon’s team and the subcontractors. The progress of the project was available daily and I was part of all the difficult decisions. I couldn’t be happier with the end result. The building and property are better than I could have ever imagined! The quality of the construction and finishes are terrific. Every day we receive compliments and our patients are happy and excited to be part of our practice. My team is reinvigorated and motivated to produce and achieve new goals. I feel that my full potential as a dentist and business owner has now been fully realized. Thank you Jon!


Rick Wallace DDS



We owe our new dental office solely to Jon Ymker. My wife and I wouldn’t have our new state-of-the-art office if it were not for Jon and YB. He believed in us and in our practice in the small town of Amery, WI (population 2,842). YB’s creative facilitation allowed us to move out of a 2,100 sq. ft. strip mall space and into our own 4,700 sq. ft. building. Just saying ‘Thank You’ to Jon and YB does not converted by Web2PDFConvert.comsay enough. It truly is an honor to be associated with them.

Once Ymker Building created and developed for us a major part of our future, that being our brand new state-of-the-art dental office, Ymker Building then built it into a high quality reality. We have a building that many in our town say is the most beautiful building in the area. It was finished on time and under budget. We consider Jon Ymker more than just a builder; he is a friend and partner.


Dr. Rollyn and Carrie Lee, River Place Dental Amery, WI



After being in practice for over 20 years and having my rent go up practically every year, I always knew that I needed to have my own building. Because my training was in optometry and not being a general contractor, I needed someone on my team that could lead the way. A friend of mine who had a dental practice referred Jon to me. He was in the process of using Jon and spoke very highly of him. After many conversations with him I got the feeling that he not only knew what he was doing but I felt he had my best interest in mind. Taking on a project like this seemed very daunting. I wanted a top quality, highly functional, beautiful looking facility that I could grow my business and also have an asset upon retirement. With Jon’s help I certainly got that and more. I would be lying if I said that everything went entirely smooth. There were some bumps along the way. None of which was Jon’s fault, but he was always there to go above and beyond in order to make it right. He proved to be a great resource for me. I’ve been in my new space for 11 months now and my revenue has gone up 15% since our move. We had our best month in years this past month. I’d also be remised if I didn’t mention Micah. Micah works closely with Jon and also does a great job. He also is a tremendous resource. You can go to my website www.gurneeeyecare.com and see for yourself the type of work that Ymker Building does. I have pictures of my new office on the site. There isn’t a day that goes by that a patient doesn’t say what a nice office I have.

Thanks Again Jon and Micah.


Robert Alongi, OD Chicago, IL



My husband and I had a great experience working with Ymker Building on our new center. We had worked with another design/build contractor on a previous project and were less than satisfied with the process and finished project. Our new center has excellent quality and the building process was mostly stress free due to constant communication. We appreciate how Jon and his team of professionals, who specialize in healthcare facilities, stepped outside their box to accommodate our needs and help us build our dream facility. Additionally we appreciate the short and long term cash flows to our project to smooth out the financing process.


Kelly Vannette, Owner/Director KIDS FIRST Learning Place



We were enthusiastically introduced to Jon Ymker by a young general dentist who was in the process of completing a new dental office with Jon. In the process of our own new dental office Jon worked closely with us for two years. We did not have the slightest idea what needed to be done and his guidance was invaluable. He spent hours counseling and teaching us, and was able to identify “red flags” as the process unfolded. Jon always maintained a positive outlook. He listened to our concerns and fears, and then presented choices and ideas which addressed them and achieved the high standard which he demands.

We found Jon Ymker to be a man with uncompromising standards in both his personal and his professional life. He looks at each individual as if that person were himself and then treats them as he would expect to be treated. His ethical example taught me truths about life and people that I had neither contemplated nor considered before.

We recommend Jon Ymker without reservation to anyone who is thinking about building a new dental office, medical office, or general office. He is invaluable not only as a project manager but also as a teacher and guide. His wisdom and judgment are solid and built upon ethical and spiritual principles as well as years of experience. He is completely trustworthy and never sacrifices his ideals for convenience or profit. Jon is one of only a few individuals whom we have known to have earned through his actions our love, trust and total respect. We appreciate so much his patience and wisdom. We will forever be grateful for both his friendship and direction.


Dr. Michael J Walker, Endodontist and Karen Marie Walker Ph.D.



Call Jon Ymker and find out if he would be interested in doing your project. He doesn’t work with just anyone, but if he agrees to work with you on this project, pay him whatever his asking price is; he’ll save you at least that much with his knowledge and expertise.”

Those were the words that came out of the mouth of the dentist (and highly trusted friend) for whom I was associating. Jon had recently completed his new office and I was looking eye to eye with a very satisfied client and knew I would do well to heed his advice.

Jon was invaluable to me as I started a scratch practice halfway across the country from where I was working as an associate. My confidence in Jon’s ability to get a project done well stems from the fact that situations unique to my project challenged him beyond that which he would normally encounter. His efforts allowed me to focus on doing dentistry while he took care of the construction-related aspects of building the office.

In my practice, I try to treat my patients as people–not just fillings, crowns or root canals. My highest regard for Jon comes not from the project alone, but also from his interest in me, my family, and my life. I feel as though I gained a friend in the process of building my dental office and would not hesitate to use him again. Jon is a man of integrity and character and you will not regret having Ymker Building on your team of experts as you build the practice of your dreams!


Smith Dental Studio



Fellow Crown Council Members,

I want to highly recommend to anyone considering building a new building that you contact Jon Ymker at www.newdentaloffice.com. He just recently completed our building and it was one of the best experiences of my dental career.

I thought I had a pretty clear idea of what I wanted in a dental building and how to get it but Jon’s insight and experience saved me tons of money in financing, land acquisition, design and construction. I got so much more bang for the buck than I could have imagined and the result is an architecturally impressive building of quality

construction whose beauty belies the productive functionality of the design. It is so refreshing to work with another professional who will keep his word and it is a testament to his integrity that sub-contractors actually drive hundreds of miles each way to work with him again and again on his buildings.

Jon pilots his own plane to projects all around the country and I had some concern at first that he might not be able to give our project the attention it would need. That proved not to be the case. We were in contact several times a day by email and telephone and he was onsite often several times a week and as needed to oversee the project.

When our other offices are ready for new buildings, I won’t consider working with anybody else.


Barry Brace DMD

St. Louis



Bev and I remain indebted to you for all that you did for us. You allowed us to have ownership in a building at a time when we were just beginning to grow our practice (as well as our family). Now we have come full circle, we again realize just how much you did for us in that all you originally promised has come to fruition. Thank you for taking us under your wing. We certainly wouldn’t be where we’re at without all your help! We wish you continued success!


David B. Fischer DDS



I am a very suspicious lessee/client due to past experiences. In dealing with Jon, my trust of him developed to the point where I could negotiate a contract with him on the back of a matchbook. Jon’s knowledge of designing, financing, and actually building a dental facility is par excellence. He absolutely gives you the most bang for your buck regardless of your budget. The only problem is the building is making money that the three dentist partners now have to take as income – actually a pretty good place to be.


Allan Caldemeyer DDS



Having been referred to Jon we checked out a couple of other dental offices he completed in the Wichita area and then jumped right into planning our new 18 operatory dental office. He facilitated the land acquisition, dental design, city approvals, and almost 100% financing at great terms per the prerequisite of our three dentist partners. He then provided our high quality construction at very competitive pricing. He was our complete advocate on every matter of development, design, financing, and construction and we have highly recommended him to others.


Dental Associates of West Wichita



I have always had a dream to build my own dental building. Now I need a larger, state of the art facility to keep my practice growing and healthy. I contacted several colleagues across the country and Jon Ymker’s name kept being mentioned as the person to work with. Each person I talked to said Jon handled their dental building from start to finish with great expertise and was able to save them thousands of dollars. I called to inquire about Ymker Building’s DREAM EXPLORE DISCOVER program.

Arrangements were made to meet with me in Denver and explore possibilities. The day we spent together I was able to get a sense of Jon’s expertise, experience and integrity.

We found many possible sites and Jon was able to narrow the possibilities. His final selection for the site of my new dental office seemed perfect. We are now in the final stages of getting ready to break ground on my project and I have full confidence in and feel most fortunate to have been recommended to the services of Jon Ymker.


Richard Wallace DDS

Denver, CO



Jon was very helpful in providing our group with a series of tools to help us evaluate locations and more importantly understand the needs of dentists that we will be recruiting. We were pleased with the results of the DREAM EXPLORE DISCOVER service. We now are currently no longer dreaming but working on constructing the facility.


Mark Freel, Executive Director

City of Minneapolis Economic Development Corporation



I would highly recommend Jon Ymker and the DREAM EXPLORE DISCOVER service to anyone who is considering a new dental office. Utilization of this service made my dream of a new dental office a reality, something which not so long ago seemed impossible. Not only did he make it possible but his complete advocacy facilitated literally everything related to the project. This allowed me to focus on being a dentist and kept the process easier, more fun, and more cost effective. Secondary benefits like insightful observations and practice management suggestions directly and immediately affected my practice (production alone increased 20%) and confirmed my decision to work with Jon Ymker. Again, I highly recommend Jon Ymker.


Tim Hayden DDS

Ankeny, IA



It is without reservation that I would recommend Ymker Building LLC for the development and construction of a new dental office. Jon is a person who possesses integrity with regard to his work, and genuine concern for his clients. The guidance that he gave me regarding site selection, financing, floor plans, construction, and interior considerations was invaluable in creating the very functional and comfortable dental building that I am fortunate to enjoy. Attention to detail is his strong point, and

the most amazing part of the entire building process was that he was able to do it from four states away! I think of him every day I walk into my new office. I truly enjoy the building and am thankful for his help and expertise.


Richard Loochtan DDS



While our formal business obligations are now completed, I doubt our friendship is. I wanted to thank you again for all your efforts in helping me get the practice started. I don’t know how I would have done it without you. I appreciate you taking a chance on me in agreeing to a job description you hadn’t ever done before. I am very pleased with how things turned out, and am grateful for your expertise. God’s blessings to you and your family.


Joel Smith DDS

Lexington, VA



Jon Ymker has a tough name to get use to for some of us Southerners, but he’ll always be welcome in Kilgore, TX, where he shepherded our 7- operatory dental office construction. In his guiding the construction of our facility, Jon saved us much more than his fee cost. But beyond that, he made the process understandable and navigable. We ended up with a facility that was all we had hoped for and more than we imagined. Jon’s expertise in detail decisions, timing of the process, financial advising, and

communication with the myriad of construction personnel made an involved and occupying project go very smooth. His savvy of not only dental office construction, but dental practice as well, was invaluable. I’d recommend him to anyone considering a quality dental office.


Joey deGraffenried DDS (a tough southern name!)



Jon Ymker has been the total facilitator for the development, construction, and financing of our new dental office. He negotiated with all contractors, bankers and dental architects so that we could have the time to do quality dentistry. This was not an easy project, but Jon made certain that all work completed was high quality, and the compensations were fair. We found him supportive, realistic and goal-oriented. There is no doubt that we will recommend him to any of our colleagues.


Suzanne Ahnquist, DMD, FAGD, FACE



Jon: Thanks again for all the advice, guidance and support. I truly expect great things in the future.


Dr. Jeff Scieszka OD



Building a dental office is one of the major undertakings during a dentist’s career. Too often we think because we are a great dentist, we are also great designers and contractors. Don’t let your pride get in the way of asking the experts. We don’t know what we don’t know. That is why I am so glad I was referred to the expert, Jon Ymker.

“After being taken advantage of by an unqualified dental architect, Jon helped me to regroup and create a team that was outstanding. I appreciated his expertise in building,

finance, and dealing with everyone who had a role in the building. As a dentist, I realize the vital importance of gathering information, diagnosing the problem and creating a treatment plan. The same expertise dentists have is also needed in building your new dental office. Jon helped me clarify my needs and create win/win relationships throughout the project, while providing great value. Jon and his team have that expertise, and it shows, as I now have one of the top dental facilities in the Midwest and 100% financing due to combining our strategies for success.

“How often do you have a patient that has tried different treatments from alternate sources with no results, or with poor results? They come to you for your expertise, and the treatment you recommended and provided made them want to tell everyone they knew about how you solved their problem beyond what they thought possible.

That is what Jon Ymker did for me, and why I share this with you. Having an independent project manager was critical to me, as Jon was dedicated to pleasing me and only me. No conflict of interest can occur with subcontractors, suppliers, equipment salesmen, or consultants. As I talked to Jon’s references – a dozen of them, thank you – and got to know Jon, I appreciated his honesty and integrity as well as his expertise. He is on a level few will achieve in any profession. I would recommend, without reservation, that you put Jon immediately on your short list of key team members.


Neal Smith DDS



People are really responding well to the new dental office. It is functioning well. Everybody is now focused on patient care. The end came so quickly that it seems anti-climatic. I owe you so much. I hope you realize that. I never forgot who made this project possible, and I don’t think I expressed my gratitude enough. So, Jon, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for making this possible.


The Erist Group



Jon: It’s been a few months since we settled into our new dental office, and my wife and I want to thank you for your good work in managing our building project. Others told us that you would give us excellent value and a high level of professionalism, and now that we have spent enough time working and growing in this beautiful, efficiently-designed space, we see that they were right.

As you know, our particular needs were unique because fifteen months ago we had no clue we would be building a new dental office. Add to that the fact that our existing space was restricting not only our practice growth but also our vision. We needed a project manager and a trusted advocate who understood both the building world and the dental world and who could do a high-quality job in a short period of time. When I mentioned this to a professional colleague whose new building I admired, he told me to call you.

On the financial side, your fee was reasonable and more than paid for itself by virtue of the cost savings and efficiencies you obtained for me. Your banking contacts provided an affordable mortgage we could not have found on our own and with so little time and trouble. The planning and building process went smoothly, and we were impressed not only by the integrity and reliability of your subcontractors but also by their loyalty and high regard for you. And thanks to your recommendation of a very able and experienced practice management consultant, we are now producing more and higher quality dentistry than ever before.

Leslie and I are 56 years old and our building project happened late in our careers. Fifteen months ago the idea of retirement seemed like a dream that might never happen. It was you who showed us how a late-in-life building project that looks like a problem can, if it is done right, be turned into an opportunity.

An hour ago I got a phone call from another friend who is a few years older than me and is selling his dental practice. He said that his own experience verified what you told me – that in the coming years there will be a large number of baby boomer dentists competing with each other to sell their practices to a relatively small number of younger dentists. He also told me that when I retire a few years from now, the office you built for us will be a valuable asset to Leslie and me and to the dentist who buys our practice.



Gregg A. Marr DDS



We continue to tell people that we could have never had the results at the price we paid without the good assistance we received from Jon Ymker. Excellent functional design, etc. etc. etc. It truly is a beautiful and functional space to work in!! Thanks again Jon!


Leslie Marr, Dental Assistant to and wife of Gregg Marr DDS



Jon: I just wanted to say thanks. I appreciate the service to your clients you bring to the picture and your help in the financing process as well.


Dave Bly, Horizon Bank



Our relationship with Ymker Building LLC began as a referral from a dentistclient of his in our area. After meeting converted by Web2PDFConvert.comwith him and beginning discussion of a new building site, we felt assured that he knew his business well. We did some background checking on him because we had been burned in the recent past by contractors working on our home, and wanted to be absolutely certain we were working with a true professional. Everyone we spoke to had no complaints about him, and all enjoyed a pleasant working relationship with him. We felt reassured and decided to move forward with Jon as our developer and general contractor.

“Over the course of the next year and a half, Jon guided us through the funding process, helped to set us up with a financier that was willing not only to lend us money, but also to help us restructure some of our other debt in a more positive way, he worked with the architects and engineers in the building site development, and offered advice to help make our business as profitable as possible. He worked very hard and used his influence as the contractor of many other office projects in the area to get us the best possible subcontractors at the best prices.

“As with any project, issues came up along the way that seemed huge to us. But Jon treated every problem in a way that helped us to be able to relax and trust he would take care of it, and he always did. His advice, while not always what we wanted to hear, was always sound, and by following his lead, we ended up with an incredibly beautiful building for an incredibly good price. At the close of our mortgage, we already had an equity position of almost $300,000 without putting any money down. We couldn’t be more pleased with the work Jon did for us, and would wholeheartedly recommend him for anyone looking for quality work.


Dr. Mark and Shelley Kuriata – Advanced Dermatology



Jon: Thanks for everything you have done. You have done exactly what you said you would do, and more, due to your belief in me. You sacrificed to help me get this dream. I know that and appreciate that. You have been incredibly supportive through all of this. The team is really encouraged by the growth of new patients, and acceptance of treatment. Presentation in a new dental facility has a lot to do with it.

Patient response has been phenomenal with support as well. In fact, we got 10 new patients today, on a Saturday…2 scheduled, 3 ER’s and 5 family members of the ER’s. We have so much more credibility. Our existing patients are just blown away! A lot of people have referred friends too. I received 2 requests from graduates this year of the Univ. of Kentucky College of Dentistry (who are in the top 3 of the class) for interviews to be an associate and I haven’t even put out the word yet! I am so encouraged about the success of our venture.

Yes, you have gone to bat for me all these months. I appreciate everything you have done for this project, from the bottom of my heart. You told me at the beginning this is what you do for your clients, and you have never faltered. I have passed your name on to several in GenX and I will continue to do so. Again, I am very grateful for all you have done.


Thoroughbred Smiles



Three years ago, when I first considered moving into new dental space, I was luckily introduced to Jon Ymker by another dentist. To say we hit it off is an understatement. Jon and I like to do business the same way, with a handshake, backed up by the knowledge that we trust each other implicitly. Jon guided me through the whole process and arranged all the financing, resulting in a much smoother process and much lower interest rates than I could have ever gotten on my own. Even as the project changed from a two-doc office to a single-doc office, Jon remained committed to seeing this project through, and showed no hesitation or disappointment in his decision to be involved with this project.

“We always communicated well throughout this project, both the good and the bad. He was always receptive to listening to any of my concerns and ideas. The end result is exactly what I wanted, and I know it was not easy to achieve. This building is like a fine art museum, which is exactly what I wanted it to be like. Executing a truly modern aesthetic requires precision and craftsmanship, and Jon made sure that happened. There is no trim in this office to hide sloppy construction. That is what makes this building beautiful – you can just tell it is well-built. It is a perfect representation of my practice.

“I could not have asked for a better result, and I could not have asked for a kinder, more honest, trustworthy, and competent developer/builder to get the project completed. All of us who know Jon have one thing in common, we are all fortunate to have had him enter our lives.


Sven Erickson DDS



Dear Colleagues, Three years ago, I found myself at a crossroads in my dental profession. I had begun a practice in a small town and was quickly outgrowing the two operatory facility that I was renting. I had a decision to make, whether to build a new office that would meet the needs of my practice or to simply find a bigger space that would allow us to get by.

The decision was not easy, because I faced three significant barriers. The first two barriers had to do with approaching a lender for this project. As a young practitioner, I was not even close to having the capital needed to fund 20% of my project. The second issue was the short history of my practice. How could I convince the bank that the new facility would allow my production to increase and service the new debt? Very few lenders deal with dental practices enough to realize the impact that a new facility can have. The third barrier was my nearly complete lack of knowledge of the construction process.

I needed someone who could see the potential for success in my project and had walked through this process before. Thankfully, I was introduced to Jon Ymker at this critical point of my decision making process.

Jon was recommended to me by a friend that had just finished building a new endodontic office. He shared with me how instrumental Jon was in receiving a favorable interest rate from his lender and how he helped him to bridge the lending gap. He stated that his building project would not have been nearly as successful as it was had Jon not been involved.

After hearing the same positive reports from six of the most recent projects Jon had helped with, my skeptical nature was satisfied enough to discuss my situation with Jon. I was immediately impressed with the honesty and integrity that Jon displayed. He would only consider helping with my project if the role he would play would provide a significant value. The role that Jon played for me was so significant that looking back at his impact, I can honestly say that I would not have done this project without him.

One of the most important things that Jon did for me was present my project to different lenders. He was able to approach each lender and help them see what a great opportunity it would be for them to provide the funds for this project. His experience at knowing what a favorable rate should be for my loan saved me from being taken advantage of simply due to my lack of experience in the lending market. Even if I was more experienced at dealing with lenders, I would have received a better rate with Jon as my liaison.

Receiving a favorable loan rate was only possible if I had the 20% up front capital to go with it. I did not. Jon believed so strongly in my success, however, that he provided the funds needed to bridge this lending gap.

Helping me overcome these two financial barriers would have been more than enough to warrant Jon’s participation in my project. There were, however, many more benefits. One of the benefits was helping me to present my project to the community and city leaders in such a way that they were eager to see it succeed. Another was reducing a tremendous amount of waste by knowing what is necessary and what is excessive regarding architecture fees, civil engineering, and subcontractor fees. Finally, Jon was very accessible and insightful about how to handle things that didn’t happen exactly as I had planned.

Building an office for most dentists is a once in a lifetime experience. It should be fun and it should be done with excellence. I am absolutely delighted with my new office, and the process was exciting and enjoyable. Jon was instrumental in this result and in the enjoyment along the way.


Greg Randall DDS



I have worked with Jon Ymker on various projects over the past 10 plus years. Jon has built buildings for us ranging from 2,500 square feet to 12,000 square feet. In addition, I have worked with Jon on the development of a Medical Office Park. Jon offers good planning, quality work, fair prices, and above all, honesty. I have and will continue to recommend Ymker Building.


Bob Malone

Malone Management / GREC Inc. / Sylvan Learning Centers of West Michigan



I certainly would love to share our building experience with Ymker Building LLC. We had a very positive building experience. The building was completed on time, with negligible cost overrun. Going into a new facility benefited all four dental practices in the building and continues to do so.


Erick Rupprecht DDS



I have only positive recollections of the construction of my new office. Your integrity and common sense approach to designing and constructing the building made the whole experience enjoyable. Even today, years later, people still comment on the attractive style of the exterior. No tenant has ever had a structural problem. I would have you do the work all over again should I ever decide to build again.


David J. Scholten OD, PC



I was first introduced to Jon by a dentist friend of mine who at that time was involved in the buildout of his new office with Ymker Building. My friend‘s personal comment about Jon that best summarized their relationship and resonated in my mind was:

“I trust Jon completely and unequivocally with all of my building and real estate needs.”

I myself am not a Dentist but an Optometrist. Although Ymker Building has constructed many dental facilities, the transition to an Optometric facility has been remarkably seamless. During the period when I first met Jon, I had just purchased my practice and was in a limited financial position to acquire commercial real estate. Through creative but prudent financing, Jon was able to negotiate my position into a majority holding. I believe Jon’s business and building philosophies are universally applicable to the construction of any medical specialty facility. I am looking forward to Ymker Building playing a key role in the future expansion of my business.

I now concur with my dentist friend:

“I trust Jon completely and unequivocally with all of my building and real estate needs.”


Advanced Family Eye Care, P.C



The building world is a scary place to most of us. I had often said I would never build, but after careful consideration of all Jon Ymker’s professional advice, and with some reluctance, I went with his advice. He has come through time and again with quality and value for the building. Jon Ymker will give you the needed expertise to reinstill trust in the building world again.


Dr. Jeffrey L. Ash



My first contact with Jon Ymker was in the spring of 2002. Prior to then I had attended three courses by nationally known dental office design and consultation firms. I had already spent several years trying to obtain lease space, or real estate for development. This included attorney time, realtor time, and conferences regarding office design. I had at least 4 projects fold for various reasons. I was actually referred to Jon Ymker by one of these dental design/consultation firms I was working with at the time. After just two phone calls, Jon Ymker was on a plane to my area to do a property search. There was initial hesitation by Jon because of the area and its reputation for being difficult for commercial building projects. With one visit and several phone calls, we had suitable sites to consider. High land cost necessitated consideration of a multi-occupant building, which was not my initial plan. Within a short time, we had added two additional dentists to the project as partners, and Jon obtained a purchase agreement on suitable property.

Jon Ymker was at the forefront in organizing the various steps of the project, and the persistent guiding force through out the journey. All the steps in a project of this type are too many to mention in this space. Some included: a property purchase agreement with site analysis, closure on the property with his financial assistance, interviewing and obtaining engineers, architects, and a contractor. There was continued assistance from Jon in working with: the contractor for bidding guidance and cost containment, project financial issues and bank relations, project appraisal, several consultations and on-site visits during construction, and assistance in closure of the project. It took me over 2 years to realize just what Jon’s position totally involved. He is a total project developer and manager from start to finish.

My advice to any health care professional considering a building project is to not even consider doing it alone with out a project manager. Did our project flow without complications, disagreements, or stress? NO! Was Jon Ymker there to assist in resolution of the problems? YES! Was it worth it in the end? YES!

As I am writing this, all partners have all been in our new 9,000+ square foot building practicing dentistry since January, 2005. Patient recognition and appreciation is fantastic for the space. Referring dentist and community comments are WOW! It is now Summer of 2005, over three years from my initial contact with Jon Ymker, and he is still on board assisting us. It is easy to think big and have a dream about a new office. Jon Ymker can assist in making that dream a reality. (Thank You Jon!)


Wm. P. Sorensen DDS MS (Periodontist)

Ann Arbor, MI



I wanted to send a note to tell you I truly still enjoy my dental office four years later. I have now hired an orthodontist to do the orthodontics, and I am concentrating on pediatric dentistry. Even when both of us are working at the same time everything flows very well. So, thanks again for creating such a nice space for me!


Academy Pediatric Dentistry



My husband and I enjoyed our relationship with Jon, professionally as well as personally. His knowledge, experience, ethics, sense of humor and negotiation skills served us well in the planning, financing, and building of our new dental office. Jon has an uncanny ability to know when to act and when to wait. He truly does whatever is needed for the project and treats your project and your money as if it were his own.


Karla Dosch Fisher DDS and Don Fisher DDS of Fisher Family Dentistry



Just because we have completed all present business with Ymker Building, we still hope you will remain in contact and drop in once in a while when in the area. We still think we have one of the best physician offices and receive that feedback from many of the pharmaceutical reps who often say, “We are in and out of a lot of offices and this is by far the prettiest one in the entire area.” So, come back once in a while and see the “prettiest office in the area.


Sandi Lemley, BS, RN for

Dr. Sherri O’Donnell

Rappha Medical Center



The process of creating this dental office has been one of the best challenges I have faced, and I am delighted that you were central to the endeavor. The process indeed was over a year in developing, and involved so many facets of planning and organizing, that I knew I would not be able to manage all the details and scheduling and planning, while continuing to work at my other position, and have time with my family. I did some careful consideration before seeking out you as a dental design and construction team, attended some lectures on building a dental practice, and spoke to many colleagues. I was very impressed with your other references, and also very pleased with our initial consultations. Now that I am in the office for the first full week, I can absolutely say that working with you was the best decision of the whole project! Not only did you guard my interests with every part of the plan, saving me time and money, and helped to ensure that my office is probably the nicest one I have been in, you were a wonderful resource in developing my business skills. Thank you so much!


Victoria Baeger DMD


Dear Jon, Bill and Micah (Ymker Development and Ymker Building),

As I am 4 days away from our Open House, I have been reflecting on this past year and all that has taken place.  We would not be here at this point if it would not have been for you.

I remember Ken telling me that we needed to talk with Ymker Development and Ymker Building. He had three different people from three different venues mentioning you.  That was enough to know that it was more than coincidence.  There had to be some divine intervention there!! Since you are not from around here, I found it interesting that you had been recommended.

We met with you, Jon, initially, and I felt we really “hit it off”.  There were many similarities between our families, home schooling being one!  We decided it was worth meeting with the “group” so you all came back and showed us in very logical ways that we could definitely afford the build out; and not only the build out, but also the actual purchase of the building.  That truly amazed me, as I did not ever even consider that to be an option.

Jon, you and Micah, were able to show us the figures that made sense!  Renting again was a ridiculous thought after hearing you both.  I was ready to go!!

Micah was then able to take our information and be our representative with the owner and saved us twice the amount we were paying you for your services before we even started by reducing the price of the building by that much!  WOW!  I was amazed at the expertise that I was seeing within your organization!  Having Micah in town with us was such an advantage for me and all my questions as we moved forward.  I have come to truly admire Micah’s talents.

This build out was not without complications.  It was hard to double our space and still continue to work throughout the entire project.  I will say that all the trades you brought in were fabulous!  Working with these men made it seem easy.  All were so very nice and very willing to please us!

I realize I probably drove you crazy with changes that HAD to be made in order to accommodate different things that had not been originally thought through.  But, I must say, that except for Bill’s “sighing” 🙂 on the phone to me, which I continually teased him about, there was never any time that I felt like you were not completely on my side!

It was important to me to make sure this office reflected my husband and all he was hoping it to be.  This is his last “hurrah” so to speak, as he probably will not be in practice in another 20 years.  Bill was so available to hear me out, to change things, to let me vent, to give suggestions, to ride trades when it needed to be done, and to go to bat for me, when needed with anyone and everyone, (which was not that often).  I have appreciated Bill’s tireless approach with me throughout this entire year.  You all have become “friends”, but especially, Bill, since I worked with him most.

I cannot thank you enough.  The office is beautiful!  The end result has been worth the wait! I would highly recommend your group to any optometrist thinking of expanding or just building.  Your expertise is beyond amazing and I am so happy that we listened to that small voice in us that said “Go”!  Please refer anyone to us who would like to know more about Ymker Development and Ymker Building and our experience with both.



Marcia Hansen, wife of Kenneth Hansen OD



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