“You all have become friends.

Ken Hansen OD and wife Marcia Hansen

“We consider Jon Ymker more than just a builder; he is a friend and partner.

Rollyn Lee DDS and wife Carrie Lee

I gained a friend in the process of building my dental office.”

Smith Dental Studio


“He earned through his actions our love, trust and total respect. We will be forever grateful for both his friendship and direction.”

Michael Walker DDS and Karen Marie Walker PhD


“We readily established a relationship of mutual respect and trust.

Michael DeWeerd DDS

“My husband and I enjoyed our relationship with Jon, professionally as well as personally.”

Karla Dosch Fisher DDS and Don Fisher DDS

I could negotiate a contract with him on the back of a matchbook.

Allan Caldemeyer DDS

We trust Jon completely and unequivocally.

Advanced Family Eye Care, P.C.


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